Registration for Barangay Assistance Network


  1. VALID/ Government ID
  2. Email Address
  3. Mobile Phone Number


Step 1 – Be a verified card member to be issued your ATM/MASTER CARD Membership card and access portal banking services.

  • Go to
  • Register using your email and mobile phone
  • Confirm the link that will be sent to you by email.
  • Click Button which says – Become a Verified User. Accomplish the form
  • Key in the Security Code that will be sent via SMS
  • Follow steps including upload of Government issued ID
  • Receive confirmation of being a verified user / member.

Step 2 – Link your membership to BAN’s Global Filipino Membership e-wallet

  • Go to
  • Accomplish the form
  • Specify your bank account to receive and send cash online [for BAN staff and DM’s this is a must]. Third step could also be done after you have been issued your membership ATM mastercard.

Step 3 -Join BAN’s The Global Filipino Membership at PrimeGate.

Step 4 – Join BAN at PrimeGate, Register an account for FREE:

  • click this url: the URL that your Affiliate Leader provided to you. If it says “email is already in use”, proceed to STEP 5.
  • If Not Go to the Menu button and then select Free Account.
  • Just follow the instructions.

Step 5 -SIGN IN at

1. Log in using your email address and password

2. Click the HOME tab. Scroll down until you see QUICK NAVIGATION ICONS. Click SIGN UP SUB AFFILIATES. You will see your own sub affiliate link or URL under “SIGN UP NEW AFFILIATES” which you may use to pass on to others to register as members. Remind each registrant to use only one email and cellphone and to go through all the steps of registration [UPHOLD, AIRTM, PRIMEGATE]

3. Go to MY PROFILE then PAYMENT DETAILS– configure how you wish to be paid and your bank account details, to receive payout for registering other UPHOLD verified members. Select mode of payment, and attach your bank acct information where you want your cash rewards received. Google search or ask your bank for SWIFT CODE or BANK CODE if you do not know. Save Changes. Every 15 days from end of your first calendar Month, you are paid, some that did not qualify as cash will be received in points that you can use to purchase online, trade for cash, tip, etc.

4. Go to REPORTS click TREE OF SUB AFFILIATES to monitor members that registered under your link or URL.

5. To understand how to manage your Affiliate Dashboard , watch the illustration video at

NOTE: Our Sponsor shoulders the cost of your account set-up and issuance of membership card.

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